Your Creative Director

Letonya Holloway

A very introverted, quiet and reserved person that comes alive when it comes to the things she is passionate about.  While in college she loved to host dinner parties and gatherings at her home with friends and that is when she realized her love for Event Planning.   

Priceless Moments Event Planning and Design was birthed in 2008 by the Owner and Creative Director Letonya Holloway.  After 10+ years of combining her love for Project Management, planning events and her passion for excellent customer service, she realized that she was truly talented at what she was able to deliver and decided it was time to make a business out of it.  She uses her creative gift to hand craft décor elements for her events and provide that special touch to kick each event up a notch. It is her vision and goal to show the world that having an event planner and/or event designer for that special occasion is not only affordable but a key element in being able to sit back and watch your vision come to life.

Delivering service with excellence and executing the clients vision with customization and personalization; this is what Priceless Moments Event Planning and Design is all about.  We pride ourself on providing top notch, premiere service that is far beyond cookie cutter and will allow you to walk away with tangible memories.